To the Weekend Warriors

Rain showers are drizzling down my office window. The countryside is turning green. Brandings and turnout dates are filling up the family calendar. Spring is here. My family has freeze branded replacement heifers, is wrapping up calving and is just starting to put tractors in the fields. I reflected back recently on the time my […]

Who will the farm go to?

There was a fair bit of windshield time for me this June as I looped through the state. I attended Faulkton’s Women’s Ag Day, the SD Governor’s Ag Summit and planning sessions with the South Dakota Women in Ag group in which I am a part of. Intermingled with those events, there has been windshield time […]

Wistful About Wagons

Hansen Wheel and Wagon shop recreates the wagons of the American West By Codi Vallery-Mills We have all seen the old western movies where outlaws try to heist a stagecoach. A gunfight ensues, horses are encouraged to run faster and some high collared city gal succumbs to the excitement and faints. Many of us don’t […]