Rural scenes from fall 2020

The fall of the year always leads me to reflect the most on my life. How I spend my days comes to the forefront as daylight hours grow shorter and night arrives sooner. The sunsets this time of year are spectacular and I can’t help but think seeing more of them is how I should be spending my days.
Golden Blessings. The autumn of the year is full of golden blessings.
I love fall cattle work. Bringing home mother cows and their calves to the home ranch is one of my greatest joys. There is no better feeling in the fall of the year than to have your cattle coming off summer pasture fat and happy.

October has been busy

Many women love fall, for its comfy sweaters and pumpkin spice everything but I tend to enjoy it for different reasons. It’s been a busy month, let’s see what has been happening. Fall Calf Run Cattle pots are lit up like Christmas trees rumbling down the highways and byways of our region this month hauling […]

Bring on the daily grilling

A delicious beefy smelling smoke is wafting from our grill. It’s springtime in South Dakota and that means the grill has been uncovered for the warm sunshine days that are beginning to greet us. I would like to say I grilled all through this year’s winter but that wasn’t the case this time ‘round as […]

Channeling Grandma

My daughter was 2 when we said goodbye to my Grandma Noreen and yet, this last week my now four-year-old has channeled her spirit. Maybe it’s just me being cognizant that it was my grandma’s birthday on March 12. But shortly thereafter Kimber began to show her “Noreen” side. One day she announced to me […]