Give thanks for helping hands

Helping hands. Thank goodness for those who are willing to help others. It’s summer time in cattle country and that means a host of activities are happening on and off the ranch for cattlemen and women. Kids are working with their livestock show projects. Everyone is trying to squeeze out a hay crop, cattle producers […]

What I do

Recently I made a trip to North Dakota to catch up with a tour group of Argentine cattle producers who were visiting cattle ranches in the U.S. After a windy day spent on the dry prairie of North Dakota I was greeted that night by two photos in my email inbox that were a reminder […]

To the Weekend Warriors

Rain showers are drizzling down my office window. The countryside is turning green. Brandings and turnout dates are filling up the family calendar. Spring is here. My family has freeze branded replacement heifers, is wrapping up calving and is just starting to put tractors in the fields. I reflected back recently on the time my […]

November: That Happened

Are there words to sum up November? I want to praise and cuss the Lord in the same sentence. I keep coming back to the phrase “That happened.” The internet defines the saying as “a sarcastic expression used in online discussions to call out overly exaggerated claims or tall tales that are often passed around […]

Ag Headlines

In early November (before the election) I had the opportunity to speak to the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce’s Ag & Natural Resources Committee. Here is a recap of my talking points.   Ag Headlines Presented by Codi Vallery-Mills, editor of The Cattle Business Weekly   What’s Making Ag News? Election 2016 Volatile Markets Trade […]

Who will the farm go to?

There was a fair bit of windshield time for me this June as I looped through the state. I attended Faulkton’s Women’s Ag Day, the SD Governor’s Ag Summit and planning sessions with the South Dakota Women in Ag group in which I am a part of. Intermingled with those events, there has been windshield time […]