What I do

Recently I made a trip to North Dakota to catch up with a tour group of Argentine cattle producers who were visiting cattle ranches in the U.S. After a windy day spent on the dry prairie of North Dakota I was greeted that night by two photos in my email inbox that were a reminder why I love what I do.

Rancher and photographer Sheyna Strommen had taken two photos of me that she shared knowing that rarely am I the one in front of the lens. I am usually behind it trying to capture a photo and write a cutline in my head at the same time for my everyday work as an ag journalist.

The photos of me interviewing an Argentine cattlemen are so appreciated because it is a reminder of why I enjoy my job so much. And the thing is you can tell! In these photos I am where I want to be – in a pasture full of cattle talking about cattle with cattle producers.

Thank you Sheyna for the reminder.

– Codi