Ag boom years on the decline?

Prices for agricultural commodities and land will level off in the coming years. The high price for commodities like corn will fall but not bottom out. Right now an additional 215 million bushels are grown every year to meet Renewable Fuel Standards. Gloy says the gas industry will not tolerate more than that and acres dedicated to renewable fuel will hold around the rate they are now.

Food replacing art as high culture

Artisanal meat products trending By Codi Vallery-Mills A trend has emerged in the retail food sector – food has replaced art as high culture. Coastal residents and even those here in the heart of America are taking serious interest in the food they prepare and eat (and the money they spend on it.) Premier grocery […]

Plastic Flowers

By Codi Vallery-Mills Novices stumble in search of their markers, and fuss over what looks right. The well practiced sit down in silent remembrance. A husband steps out of his pickup and surveys the sea of plastic flowers and American flags. He grabs his own offering from the cab seat, a small bundle of fragrant yellow […]

Ready For Russia

South Dakota is latest to visit country, talk cattle trade By Codi Vallery-Mills Thousands of live cattle cross the ocean each year to be placed into Russian cattle operations from the United States. The US Department of Commerce reports 61,000 head left the U.S. for Russia between May 2011and May 2012. Cattlemen in the region, […]

Consistency Plus

This summer the local grocery store played a cruel joke on me. It remodeled and switched around its layout. Just when I had the locations of all my regular items memorized too. On a Saturday afternoon I commiserated with an older man who was looking for jell-o. His wife, who needed to make a quick […]