Something “good” to write about

The past month I have had the privilege to report on a group from Alabama who raised funding this past winter to bring heifers to ranchers in South Dakota who were impacted by Storm Atlas.

The Lauderdale Jr. Cattlemen’s Assocation had the goal of bringing heifers to S.D. and for they themselves to travel to the state to meet the ranchers who they were donating to in person. This past week that goal was accomplished with twenty heifers being brought to rural western South Dakota. 53 people from Alabama travelled to S.D. for the event.

To report on such events is a highlight of being an editor. Often I am tasked with reporting the not so good news of our industry and honestly it can get down right depressing. This week my heart was lightened as I met many of the people who I had been writing about in pre-event coverage. I saw the impact the “Cows for Dakota” project had on the people of S.D. and Alabama alike during the groups stay here. Heartache was shared. Friendships were formed. Education was plentiful.

There is nothing like the spirit and hearts of those involved in agriculture.

The full story about this project can be read at The Cattle Business Weekly.

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