Ag Headlines

In early November (before the election) I had the opportunity to speak to the Rapid City Chamber of Commerce’s Ag & Natural Resources Committee. Here is a recap of my talking points.   Ag Headlines Presented by Codi Vallery-Mills, editor of The Cattle Business Weekly   What’s Making Ag News? Election 2016 Volatile Markets Trade […]

Blessed Christmas

A winter storm is blowing in and we are just a few days away from Christmas. The thought of a snowy white Christmas pleases me. The goodies have all been baked, the shopping is all done, the tree has been decorated for weeks. Christmas has been stress free this year and for that I am […]

Keeping Time

The kitchen clock ticked away keeping beat to an ancestral song. It grew fainter and then came back strong, like dramatic music in a suspense movie, the audience waiting for the crescendo. The clock didn’t seem to care that it was midmorning and nothing of importance was happening.  It beat on, striking down living moments […]

Plastic Flowers

By Codi Vallery-Mills Novices stumble in search of their markers, and fuss over what looks right. The well practiced sit down in silent remembrance. A husband steps out of his pickup and surveys the sea of plastic flowers and American flags. He grabs his own offering from the cab seat, a small bundle of fragrant yellow […]

Consistency Plus

This summer the local grocery store played a cruel joke on me. It remodeled and switched around its layout. Just when I had the locations of all my regular items memorized too. On a Saturday afternoon I commiserated with an older man who was looking for jell-o. His wife, who needed to make a quick […]